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Unread postPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:00 am 
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This is in the process of being updated

During the years that Forever Parents has been in existence, my priority has been to keep the focus on adoption discussion. To many people troll around looking for places to spam their link and I always do what I can to not allow that to happened here.

1. Links, of any kind, are not allowed in signatures. Clickable or otherwise. They will be removed.

2. Please don't include the link to your site in your replies. This is most important if you're a new member because you haven't had the benefit of establishing yourself here yet and you will be seen as a spammer. Links in posts will be removed. If you have 100 posts, you can leave a self promotional link in a reply IF it applies directly to someone's question and IF it's done minimally.

Now that we got the "don'ts" out of the way....let's get to the "do's". They're much nicer. :smile

1. In the 'Adoption Information' forum (it's a public viewing forum), you can write articles about adoption (they'll get picked up by the search engine also) and you can add a bio at the end with your link. You can write as many articles as you like. I have that forum set up so that only I can add the articles, so after you write one, PM it to me and I'll include it. You can add one link per article. Don't make the link clickable in your PM because it's easier for me to just copy it and format it when I add the article. Just include the URL and the title.

2. In the 'Forever Parents Blog' forum, there are a bunch of adoption questions (and more always being added) that you can answer, on a wide variety of topics. Those posts eventually are complied into a post for the Forever Parents Blog. In your reply, you can include the url of your site and I will link it to your name. One link per reply. The posts on our blog get picked up by the search engines very quickly and our blog gets a good amount of daily traffic. Like above, don't make it clickable - I'll format it when I compile the blog post. It's easier for me to just copy and paste it rather than have to click in the link to get the URL.

3. Leave your link in our new Bulletin Board forum. Links of any kind can be posted here - not just adoption related. You have to be a member for one month and have 25 posts in order to post your link in that forum.

4. Join our blog link exchange. You add our blog to your blog and we do the same.

5. Join our link exchange. You add the link to this forum and we'll add your link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here. :smile

Mom To Three
~ Cimion
~ Shawna
~ Jacqueline
Siblings Adopted in 2003

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